sports recovery

How to Host a Sports Recovery Experience

Dr. Christie details how you can host a Sports Recovery Experience and bring people into your practice for an enjoyable sampling of what you have to offer the community.

Chiropractic Success Academy

Chiropractic Success with Dr. Mark King

Success comes in many shapes and sizes, but knowing your purpose and having the drive to make a difference will go a long way to achieving a thriving practice. 

Your Chiropractic Marketing Department with Dr. Jeff Lewin

Why your clinic should have a marketing department and how you can implement this today in your practice. Dr. Lewin brings vast experience in growing Chiropractic practices.

Book Recommendations:

  • Ego Is The Holiday written by Ryan Holiday

  • Who Moved My Cheese? written by Spencer Johnson

  • Raving Fans written by Ken Blanchard

How to contact Dr. Jeff Lewin :


Phone: 954-205-3479

Facebook: Jeff Lewin 

Breaking Down My Chiropractic Website

I have recently made some changes to my website to improve it’s messaging. In this episode, I go over my website and its messaging, SEO, and Content Marketing strategies. Follow along as I describe various parts of my website,