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Parker Las Vegas 2019 Recap

Dr. Christie breaks down his experience and his presentation at this year’s Parker Seminar in Las Vegas.Does your modern marketing have the Destination, Vehicle, GPS, and Fuel it needs to get where you want your practice to go?

How To Develop Your Talk Trigger

Jay Baer of Convince and Convert has recently written a book about Talk Triggers in your business and I wanted to relate that topic to your practice.

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Content Marketing Strategy with the University of Western States

Dr. Christie presented to the University of Western States on Content Marketing Strategy for the Chiropractor.This presentation will also be part of the Business and Marketing Virtual Summit.

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Email Marketing with Tom Tate of AWeber

Tom Tate breaks down the specifics of what a Broadcast Email is and how you can effectively utilize this in your practice for top of mind awareness. He discusses email strategies to optimize the open rates and limit unsubscribes.

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How to Host a Sports Recovery Experience

Dr. Christie details how you can host a Sports Recovery Experience and bring people into your practice for an enjoyable sampling of what you have to offer the community.

Chiropractic Success Academy

Chiropractic Success with Dr. Mark King

Success comes in many shapes and sizes, but knowing your purpose and having the drive to make a difference will go a long way to achieving a thriving practice.