Are You Feeling Stuck?

Too many evidence informed chiropractors get frustrated when the practice they’re pouring everything into is not growing.

If this continues, they will become weary and consider giving up. Modern Chiropractic Marketing connects you with the best marketing tools so that you can achieve your dream of running a self-managing practice.


Imagine How Great It Would Feel If This Year You Could:


Increase Your Revenue


Hire An All-Star Staff Team

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Free Up Time To Do What You Want


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Personal Coaching From Kevin


Download the Desk Jockey Info Cards

They can be re-branded with your clinic info, logo and color scheme.


You can use these Healthy Info Cards in your practice to give to patients for
educational training and great During and After Unit Marketing.


Kevin Christie Is Your Guide To Leading A Thriving Practice

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Kevin Christie understands the unique pressures of the evidence-informed chiropractor. Kevin has run his own practice for over fourteen years. With two offices and multiple staff (plus associates), he knows how important it is to not just be excellent at treating patients but being a great leader and marketer as well.

Kevin has worked with the NFL, PGA Tour, and has been featured on ESPN and Fox Sports.

Using the best tools available to us in the digital age, Kevin empowers evidence-informed chiropractors to achieve their own dreams of running a successful practice.

Kevin Will Teach You How To Make The Income and Impact You Deserve

Watch as Dr. Kevin shares his passion for equipping chiropractors to use the best marketing ideas and tools so that they can make a greater impact.


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For years I never knew how to develop a marketing strategy for my practice. I didn't know how to effectively plan for a year or even a month of marketing. Kevin changed all that. Right away, I loved the integrity of what he was doing. He is classy, honest and authentic. The inclusion of other experts in and out of the chiropractic community has provided endless inspiration and insight. My business has literally quadrupled since last year.

- Dr. Andy Cook, Twin Cities Movement

For too long I was wasting time and money with stupid marketing ideas. Thanks to Kevin I was able to learn from other people’s mistakes so that I didn’t have to make them myself anymore. Today, I am doing what has proven to work, focusing more on creating only excellent social media content.”
- Dr. Chip Bleam, Freedom Chiropractic & Rehab


The impact that the Chiropractic Success Academy has on my practice is invaluable. Not only does CSA provide clinical, business, and professional resources, but it is a virtual treasure trove of information that is timely and relevant to building a successful practice and being a better doctor. The resources that CSA provide are easy to understand and digest, and even easier to implement in practice. CSA has helped me solidify my business and marketing plans well before joining my practice... and I had my first patients lined up before I even opened my door. Not only am I “breaking even” financially only four months into practice, but I’m slowly starting to chip away at student loans... something I hadn’t expected to do until at least next year. Success CAN be made easier!

-Dr. Anne Mauer, Adjust Chiropractic