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Your Chiropractic Marketing Department with Dr. Jeff Lewin

Why your clinic should have a marketing department and how you can implement this today in your practice. Dr. Lewin brings vast experience in growing Chiropractic practices.

Book Recommendations:

  • Ego Is The Holiday written by Ryan Holiday

  • Who Moved My Cheese? written by Spencer Johnson

  • Raving Fans written by Ken Blanchard

How to contact Dr. Jeff Lewin :


Phone: 954-205-3479

Facebook: Jeff Lewin 

Entrepreneur Operating System with Dr. Jay Greenstein

Dr. Jay Greenstein is a Chiropractor, Entrepreneur and Industry Transformer.In this episode, he discusses the Entrepreneur Operating System, Research, and finding your direction in the Chiropractic profession.

Entrepreneurial Operating System Creates infrastructure around your practice

  1. Making sure you have a clear vision

  2. Getting the right people

  3. Leveraging data

  4. Process is clear and gets applied correctly

  5. Overcome your issues

  6. Traction- creating communication infrastructure to move your business forward

Live Stream Pre-Recorded Videos:

Book Recommendation: Traction written by Gino Wickman

How to get in contact with Dr. Jay Greenstein:

Facebook Group: Blockchain Crypto Docs

Instagram marketing for Chiropractors with Dr. Jacob Harden

Dr. Jacob Harden has 370 thousand followers on his Instagram followers in just a couple years of using the platform. He is generating 20-50 New Patients per month from Instagram and provides us with the strategies he has used to accomplish this amazing marketing windfall. Instagram marketing for chiropractors can exponentially grow your practice with these tactics that Dr. Harden discusses. 

  1. Medium to Long Form Captions

  2. Call to Action

  3. Hashtags: 11 hashtags seem to be the magic number

Reach Dr. Harden Instagram: Dr.Jacob.Harden

Reach Dr. Harden on Facebook and YouTube: Dr. Jacob Harden