Chiropractic Marketing Potpourri with Dr. Kevin Christie

Dr. Christie discusses taking a real vacation, free days, ergonomics and the exciting future for Modern Chiropractic Marketing Group

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Building and Protecting Your Confidence

Confidence is the ability to transform fear into focused and relaxed thinking, communication, and action with the result that dangers become opportunities, obstacles become innovations, weaknesses become advantages, and setbacks become breakthroughs.

Confidence Principles

  1. Confidence is the single most important ability.

  2. All other desirable abilities need confidence as a foundation.

  3. Individuals with confidence can confront, overcome, learn, transform, and accomplish anything.

Basis For Confidence

  1. All progress starts by telling the truth.

  2. Your brain can only solve problems when it’s dealing with specifics.

  3. You are immediately motivated to act when you understand the impact of not acting.

  4. Organize and communicate your thinking so you can access the best of other people’s wisdom and creativity.

  5. When you hit a Ceiling of Complexity, increase the number of smart people you’re talking to.



Confidence Booster Breakthrough