The Tenets of Modern Chiropractic Marketing

These 13 tenets constitute what Dr. Christie believes make you a modern marketer who is growing your practice effectively and ethically.

The Tenets of Modern Chiropractic Marketing

Here they are, like’em or leave’em. Moving forward this will be the foundation of this group, the podcast, and its contributors.

We have developed an MCM council who will assist me in making this group as useful as possible to our profession.

WE have a big 2018 planned for you all

If you are new to the group, welcome and please be useful.

The MCM Tenets 1. You are avoiding the Commoditization Trap.

2. You practice ethical and elegant marketing.

3.You do not make false or outlandish claims in your marketing.

4. Spinal screenings aren’t modern, but still ethical if you aren’t fear-baiting people.

5. You do not use fear tactics to sell your patients on care.

6. You don’t use X-ray as a marketing and sales tool but rather a clinical diagnostic tool to be used when necessary.

7. Your Marketing optimizes the Before, During and After Units of Marketing.

8. You are employing Content Marketing to be useful for your community, and develop know, like and trust.

9. Your front stage and backstage are optimized for the patient experience.

10. You are Patient-Centered, not Doctor-Centered.

11. You leverage modern technology as a vehicle to educate and attract patients.

12. You are an educational resource for your community.

13. You are 85% PBS and 15% QVC.