New Patient Consultations That Don't Fail with Dr. Josh Wagner

Dr. Josh Wagner shows us how to become the most Referred To, Sought After, and Respected Chiropractor in your community.

Topics We Discussed on Podcast

  • Insurance decline in the U.S.

  • Perfect patient funnel system

  • Patient Centered Communication

  • Marketing the practice from the inside from the most effective new patient consult and recommendation will increase your referrals, far easier care conversions.

  • Giving Chiropractors a new way of communication that is authentic and inspired, instead of trying to convince patients of care.

  • 4 Tactics to improve the patient experience

    • Connection you make with them and you heard them

    • You know how they feel

    • They understand you that you know what they want.

    • You are confident and certain you can get them the results they want

  • Preaching to them day 1 does not achieve that.

  • PVA vs Lifetime Value of a Patient