Creating Chiropractic Funnels

Below is a marketing funnel that Alex Wasserman developed for those suffering from auto injuries, and I wanted to breakdown what an effective and educational funnel is for the chiropractor. The purpose of the “funnel” is to get a person into the funnel and come out the other end as a patient, so to speak. In other industries, you hope they potentially buy a product that is for sale. That is why you will hear the term sales funnel many times.

The end goal of the chiropractic funnel, in my honest opinion, is to be an educational experience for the person and a new patient generator for the chiropractor. By providing complimentary value by you on a continuous basis they will consider you the expert for all of their healthcare needs. It may be immediately, or it may be a year from inception, but more than likely if you provide them with continual education they will become a patient.

Funnels can come in different shapes and sizes, so I will detail what Alex and I put together recently.

We haven’t launched the funnel yet, and would greatly appreciate you going thru our funnel by signing up and letting us know how we can improve it. We will remove you from our email list once you get the 4 email sequence from us.

Our funnel works like this. We start with a Facebook ad that we will hyper-target terms such as auto accident, automobile injury, personal injury attorney, whiplash, neck pain car accident, etc. We will use a Facebook approved image of a mild auto collision. Then use effective and Facebook approved headline.

The goal is for them to click on the add to learn more and that will take them to our landing page that we developed specifically for this funnel. Once they get to the value packed landing page, we want to educate them with classy and informative videos, articles and documents. The landing page has 3 main goals of educate, capture their email address, and/or have them call the office immediately. There are many companies such as leadpages, click funnels or optimize press for easy to design landing pages. These are separate from your chiropractic website.

The next component of the funnel is the email automation that the person will receive once they fill out their name and email address to get whatever valuable piece of information you are offering them. In our email capture, we are offering one of three things. A self-functional assessment, consumer awareness guide, and/or free consultation. We are just asking them for their first name and email address, that is it. You want the barrier of entry to be as low as possible.

If they request either the self-assessment or consumer awareness guide, they immediately get both in an email sent to them. The can download the PDFs right in that email. Then on day 2, they get an email with 3 articles that are valuable to them. Day 3 they get a case study of a fictional patient that was seen in our office for care of an auto accident injury. Then on day 5 they get the final email of the automation which is offering and encouraging them to take advantage of a free in person or over the phone consultation with one of our doctors. After they get that last email, they then are placed in our regular email list and will continue to get two emails per week that all of our patients get. We will break down email basics at a later date as well.

I encourage you to develop funnels for topics such as back pain, neck pain, sports injuries, the desk worker, etc, etc. The topics should be congruent with what you offer and can provide valuable information for the potential patient. In our office, we deal mainly with sports injuries, but we do a great job of treating auto patients like all of our other patients and not like a personal injury mill. We feel that we can provide potential patients with a resource that will help them immediately and in the long-term, even if it is just educating them with our emails.

Let’s take this week to hammer out some of the best practices for chiropractic funnels and by picking apart our auto funnel, we may all learn. I know ours needs some work, but I think we are on the right path. One of the key aspects undoubtedly will be to have a great Facebook ad to get them to the page.

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