My Chiropractic Facebook Ads Strategy

I don’t subscribe to the FB ads, lead generation, or funnels that offer discounted exams and treatments to get people into the door. I believe strongly in effective content marketing and sprinkling in effective lead generation by providing value to the person without demonetizing you and your business.

If you consistently create and repurpose valuable and educational content to your community, you can use Facebook and other social platforms as a vehicle to get your content to the masses. This will also help build your “Total Web Presence” to support your google presence.

Below is the strategy that I recommend. I consider myself very adept at FB strategy, but not an expert in the mechanics behind FB ads such as cost per click, etc. There are plenty of resources out there for that type of information.

 FB Live Interviews


Recorded Video Sequencing Ads

  • I will pick a topic and shoot 3-4 short videos around that topic. For instance, in January 2018 I am picking Golf as the topic. I will do an FB ad around video one which will be around 3 minutes in length. I will run that FB ad is targeting Golfers age 30-64 with a 7-10 mile radius around my office. I will run that video for ten days. I will then run Video 2 for ten days and retarget anyone who watched 50% of Video 1 (warmer audience leads to higher conversion and less ad cost per click). I will also retarget anyone who has visited the golf page on our website (See III D Below). Video 3, same scenario as above. Then video 4 I will have a call to action at the end of that video. Lastly, I will write a nice, concise Blog around the topics I discussed in these four videos, with the YouTube links in the blog of each video and place it on my Articles section of my website. I will then run an FB Ad on this blog retargeting all of the above (pixeled golf page and people who watched 50% of the videos). These golfers are now in my funnel 😊



FB Ads Lead Generation (Funnel)


These are the four lead generation concepts we utilize currently and in the recent past. Our two niches are Sports Injuries and Desk Jockeys, so you will see our landing pages and funnels are based around that. You will base yours around your niches. We go above and beyond in our digital landing pages, in my opinion, so don’t feel like you need to develop elaborate Self-Assessments and such like we did. In part D, you will see that we use specific pages on our website as our landing pages and funnels. I strongly feel that if I can get a captive audience to get to my website, they will be compelled to call or schedule online with us. Or even chat with us in our chat box.





Boosted Posts


Boosted posts are viewed by many as not ideal compared to FB ads, and I appreciate that view. However, if you don’t blindly boost bad posts, and have a strategy behind it, I think it can lend itself to a well-rounded FB plan. Benefits include having nice engagement with your posts on your business page, so it doesn’t look like a ghost town. Secondly, people that like your posts can then be requested by you to like your page. Boosted posts have improved in its targeting.

I will sprinkle in strategically boosted posts for the following:

  1. See Above FB Live Strategy

  2. Blog Post

  3. The Modern Desk Jockey Weekly Podcast


**Consider uploading your patient email list into a Facebook Audience and then generating a 1% lookalike audience and targeting them in your FB ads for conditions or other ads that are specific such as my golf example.

**Targeting with your ads is very important and can get very detailed. Spend the little extra time to get this right. The radius mileage may vary based on your location and the niche you are targeting. I picked 7-10 Miles for golfers because I know they will travel a bit further for their golf game. If it was a bit more generalized or condition specific, I would consider a tighter radius.