The 3 Things To Start Your Marketing Strategy

I am going to touch on the Top 3 marketing initiatives I think you should start with to get up and running.

  1. Website

  2. Facebook

    1. Ads

    2. Boosted Posts

  3. Current Patient Marketing

Today I will breakdown the lowest hanging fruit in my opinion, and that is current patient marketing. It is always easier and more affordable to market to your existing patients/clients than it is trying to get new ones. That statement isn’t meant to lessen the importance of new patients by any means.

Dan Kennedy uses a great analogy that he calls “putting a fence around your cattle”. The cattle being your patients and the fence being your marketing efforts. Crude analogy I know, but perfect. You want to surround your audience (patients) with valuable content that educates them and keeps you and your practice at the top of their head. You would be surprised how many patients forget about you because they have felt good for a year or so. You want them to think of you right away if they get some pain or if their co-worker, friend or family member complains to them about something. That is the goal of the consistent patient education the through a few different aspects. There are more options but I will focus on these three things you should implement right away.

  1. Email Marketing

  2. Facebook Biz Page Retargeting

  3. Direct Mail: Monthly Newsletters, Thank You Referrals, Birthday cards, etc.

I implemented education-based emails to my patient list about a year ago and I saw a considerable increase in re-activation patients. I email my patients 1-2 per week and I make sure to send them value based emails that are meant to educate them, not sell them. I would say we send out 6-8 emails of education for every 1 email offering them something. We don’t want to spam their email with all offers. They will disengage and unsubscribe. Next week I will break down email ideas that make them more effective and higher open rates. The open rates are not what they used to be, but when I send to my list of 3,000, I usually get 400-500 people who open them. If I told you that you could get some info in front of 500 people at no cost at all, you would take that right?

Facebook is another great way to get information in front of your audience. Facebook retargeting offers two great ways to such. One is the ability to enter you email list into Facebook and if that person uses that email address for their Facebook account, you can then send posts that only those people see. So, if your email list of 3,000 gets uploaded into Facebook, maybe 2000 of those have accounts linked to that email address. You then run an educational post directly to those 2000 people.

The other aspect is putting a Facebook pixel on your website so that anyone who visits your website will then start receiving Facebook ads that you develop. Every wonder why when you visit Macy’ you start getting Macy’s ads? That’s what they are doing. We can dive into this further on the comments section.

Lastly, direct mail is a great way to send information to your current patient list. I personally send a nice Newsletter ( I will upload) each month to about 1000 patients of mine who have been in our office over the last 1-2 years. We also send monthly birthday cards, thank you letters for patients who refer a patient, and welcome letters to our new patients. The welcome letter we developed was with the help of Strategic Coach and I will also attach that as a file onto here.

We can dive into this further if you have any questions or ideas that may have spawned from this little brains storming session.