The 3-Legged Stool of a Thriving Practice

I believe the thriving Chiropractor has to have this 3-legged stool of Clinical Skill, Business Acumen, and Effective Marketing/Sales that sits on a foundation of effective Communication. I believe this wholeheartedly and is why in my 15 years of being in the Chiropractic profession (school and practice) I have strived to optimize these four key aspects of growth.


Below is a layout of what I have personal and professional grown myself, and will always to continue to strive for more and more growth. You don’t have to follow the same blueprint as myself, but I strongly urge you to surround yourself with improvement strategies that will fine tune these four aspects of building a thriving practice.

  • Clinical Skills

    • Chiropractic college: You can’t help but learn from 4 years of school, but I felt compelled to join clubs and go to outside seminars in addition to school to become a better practitioner once I graduated. Motion Palpation Institute was instrumental in supplementing my school academics.

    • Active Release Technique, Graston Technique, : I always wanted to “specialize” in sports injuries and become a sports chiropractor. I have been full body A.R.T. certified, Graston Certified, Titleist Performance Institute Certified, SFMA, etc., etc. I would say I spent the first five years of practice learning as much as I possibly could to expedite my clinical skill level. I do believe it’s a continuous process and always looking to learn more.

    • Orthopedic offices: From 2008-2013 I ran my practice inside of two different top Orthopedic groups in South Florida and can’t convey how important that learning process was for my growth clinically.

    • Married to foot/ankle surgeon: My 7-year relationship with my now ex-wife was an unbelievable learning experience as it pertains to not only what not to do in a marriage but also in the foot & ankle 😊

    • Experience: The fact is, you won’t be as good clinically in your 5th year as you will be in your 15th So, accept that, and continue to learn and be the best you can be. You will get better!

  • Business Acumen

    • Strategic Coach: I have been a member of Strategic Coach since 2013 and is the backbone of my business development and how I do my best to keep my entrepreneurial confidence high. If you have read my stuff, listened to my podcast or are in my FB Group, you will know how instrumental this mastermind is in my business development.

    • Financial Coaching with Christine Odle: In February of 2017 I took on a financial coach to help develop my expertise in managing my ever-growing business, and it has been one of the best decisions of my life. I now have a comprehensive understanding of how to manage our business and personal finances in a way that will optimize the financial aspect of growth. Financial coaching hasn’t been cheap, but the value is immense. See Episode 23 with Christine Odle

    • 5-Star Management: My year spent with them helped me get my mind right on associate hiring, development, and expectations. Also, it helped me with scalability concerns I had before working with them. See Episode 27 with Dr. Noel Lloyd

    • See Episode 6 about systems and scalability with Dr. Stephen Franson

  • Ethical Marketing and Sales

    • Content Marketing Institute: I attended their Content Marketing World event in Cleveland and will attend moving forward. I also consume a large portion of their content, methods, and training. Content Marketing is the backbone of our practice and looking to grow that aspect of our marketing more. See Episode 13 with Aaron Orendorff

    • CFMG Mastermind: This was a 20-Person Marketing Mastermind in San Francisco in 2015 that was a great marketing learning experience. I have continued to network with many of those members in that group. Many are doing wonderful things in the chiropractic marketing arena.

    • Puerto Rico Mastermind: This was in April this year and was supposed to be now, as I write this blog. Unfortunately, Hurricane Maria changed those plans. The April meeting featured John Lee Dumas. This canceled one was with Lewis Howes. The one in April 2018 will feature Pat Flynn. PRMM has been a gamechanger as far as my marketing mindset and growth potential.

    • Modern Chiropractic Marketing Group: The amount I have learned from the members or our FB group and from the guests I have had on the podcast can’t go understated. When I started this Modern Chiropractic Marketing Group, I wanted it to be a think tank of some of the best in the profession, and I think we are achieving that. I know I continue to learn weekly from all of you, and I am grateful for that knowledge.

  • Communication

    • Health Awareness Workshop Team: At Logan Chiropractic I was on this team to speak to new patients and the community. I struggled with this at first but then learned to get better at public speaking. From that point forward I dedicated myself to getting better. I have done a lot of public speaking and practice doing it often is the best training.

    • Toast Masters: When I graduated and moved down to South Florida I did Toastmasters for a year. It helped me, and I valued the practice. I think it’s a good starting point for those looking to get the basics down for effective public speaking.

    • Landmark Education: I entered into this training in 2012 by attending the Landmark Forum, Advanced Course, weekly workshops and finally the Communications 1 and two This training was extensive but very effective. It also led me to Strategic Coach, so that was a phenomenal byproduct. Check out

    • Strategic Coach: Not only has Coach been vital for my business development, but also my communication with my team and proper delegation. Strategic Coach has allowed us to grow as a business and a team.

    • See Episode 5 with Hall of Fame Public Speaker Joel Weldon

Lastly, I want to leave you with the image below. The diagram below is the essence of becoming a great communicator that will make you a better Doctor, Business Owner, and Marketer. Learn and Be It. Remember, this is a process, not perfection. You will get better with time and will thrive!

what type of chiro.jpg