The Power of Facebook Custom Audiences (Warm Audiences)

This is a guest blog post by Dr. Shawn Andrews of The Inspired Chiropractor

There’s an old marketing adage that says: “People do business with people they know like and trust.” I have found this to be very true in my chiropractic clinic, and now in my Facebook Ads Agency and course offerings.

Russell Brunson talks about the attractive character in his book “ Secrets.” The idea is to have someone that is attractive to your target audience as your spokesperson. He gives some examples: Dave Thomas and Wendy’s, Jared Fogler and Subway (pre him being exposed as a pervert), and Michael Jordan and Nike.

Why does the attractive character (AC) concept work so well? Because people are drawn to the AC, they feel a connection with the AC and proceed to do business with the company the AC represents. So you see the idea that people do business with those they know like and trust is a trusted marketing principle.

This principle even translates into the online marketing world for chiropractors. Let me introduce you to a fantastic way to leverage this principle to increase the results of your online marketing. As an added bonus using this technique will also lower the costs of your advertising efforts. It’s called Facebook custom audiences.


To create a custom audience, you go to your Facebook Ads Manager then click on the three lines in the upper left-hand corner (apparently called a hamburger by web designers).  This menu will pop up when you click all tools.  You then choose audience.  There will be a blue button that says Create Audience. Click that, and this box pops up.


So here’s where will talk about the hierarchy of audiences. The warmest audience is the audience that has done business with you already. This is the first option in the above dialogue box for a reason. For chiropractors, this would be your patient list. Any practice management software can export a .csv file for you. You then upload this to Facebook, and they create an audience of your existing customers. This is an excellent way to stay top of mind, reactivate patients, and generate referrals and reviews.

For me and chiropractors like me who also have an online business, we can upload our customer list and our email list in general. If you don’t have an online business, keep reading even though it won’t feel like this applies to you. It does, business is business, online or offline. Even though not everyone on your list has exchanged money, they have exchanged their email address for your content, so in a way, they qualify for this type of audience.
By uploading your email list, you can get more bang for your buck with different campaigns. I have pretty good open rates (25% and up) but running Facebook campaigns to my list ensures that many more of them will see what I want them to see.

Running campaigns to a very warm audience like a customer list also reduce your marketing cost dramatically. Just look at these results from a webinar sign up campaign I just completed.


Check out the number of leads and cost per lead of these two ad sets. One to my list and one to a cold audience of chiropractors. I may have turned off the cold audience ad set too soon, but the clear winner was the warm audience.

The next level of audience is the pixel audience. (Click here to access this training.) In short, the Facebook pixel is a free tool that Facebook gives all of its advertisers. It a bit of code that you simply copy and paste into your website and/or landing pages.

Once the code is properly installed every time, a Facebook user visits your website the code fires back to Facebook the fact that they visited and, if you have it set up correctly, what actions they took on the page. There are a bunch of different things you can do with the pixel, but for this article, we will stick with building a custom audience of Facebook users who have visited your website (this would be the second option in the box above-website traffic). Here are the results from the same ad to my pixel traffic.


Still not as good as the email list traffic, but better than cold traffic.

What does this mean for you the average chiropractor with only brick and mortar practice? It means you need to create a custom audience of your patients. It means you need to be collecting leads from great content you publish on a regular basis. It means you need to have the pixel installed or install it yourself.

This is the stuff we need to be doing as a profession. There has never been a better time to market yourself in a cost effective manner. It has never been easier to reach our communities with the chiropractic Be a person of action. Start doing this today.

BONUS AVAILABLE: Click here to get a recorded video screencast of me setting up these audiences and an extra marketing ninja training on video custom audiences.

by Shawn Andrews

The Inspired Chiropractor