When You Need Someone To Turn To That Has Faced The Same Struggles You Are Wrestling With, Turn To Kevin Christie.

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There are few frustrations and struggles that a modern chiropractor faces that Kevin hasn’t had to wrestle with already. Having run his own practice, with multiple staff, associates, real estate purchases, billing issues, insurance headaches AND try to do excellent marketing, Kevin understands the pressures that we face as chiropractors.

Kevin knows how important it is to have someone safe that you can turn to with whatever you are struggling with. He created the Modern Chiropractic Marketing business to help his colleagues overcomes the hurdles and experience the joys off success that await on the other side.

The Tenets of Modern Chiropractic Marketing

• You are avoiding the Commoditization Trap.

• You practice ethical and elegant marketing.

• You do not make false or outlandish claims in your marketing.

• Spinal screenings aren’t modern, but still ethical if you aren’t fear-baiting people.

• You do not use fear tactics to sell your patients on care.

• You don’t use X-ray as a marketing and sales tool but rather a clinical diagnostic tool to be used when necessary.

• Your Marketing optimizes the Before, During and After Units of Marketing.

• You are employing Content Marketing to be useful for your community, and develop know, like and trust.

• Your front stage and backstage are optimized for the patient experience.

• You are Patient-Centered, not Doctor-Centered.

• You leverage modern technology as a vehicle to educate and attract patients.

• You are an educational resource for your community.

• You are 85% PBS and 15% QVC.

Strategic PartnershipS ARE CRITICAL

Kevin is based in Florida where he has formed exciting partnerships with the NFL and PGA Tour, giving him amazing experiences serving athletes at the highest level. Kevin has helped over 500 professional athletes, including MLB and NHL players. Kevin enjoys passing on all his tips and strategies in his coaching so that others can connect with local sports teams.



Learn more about Kevin by subscribing to the Modern Chiropractic Marketing Podcast. New episodes each week.  Click here.

Learn more about Kevin by subscribing to the Modern Chiropractic Marketing Podcast. New episodes each week. Click here.

Dr. Christie received his B.S. degree from the Florida State University in Exercise Physiology and was an assistant strength & conditioning coach for the women’s athletic teams. This is where he discovered his passion for working with athletes of all levels. His education and desire for learning continued at Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis where he specialized in Motion Palpation, golf biomechanics, and functional rehabilitation.

All of these are tools Kevin uses to treat patience with excellence and keep up to do with the best evidence-informed practices.

Every day I hear more stories of chiropractors who are really struggling out there.

I know how scary it is to feel lost and unsure of the path that leads towards your goals. It’s my passion to help other DCs learn some of the lessons I’ve had to learn so that they can become the leader they have always wanted to be.

-Dr. Kevin Christie