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The Modern Marketing Chiropractic Group is a forum, think tank, and idea platform for the modern chiropractor in the ever-changing arena of Marketing, Media, and Business Growth.

The 20th Century Chiropractor lived in a different health care and customer service world than we do today. Many of the things that worked then don’t work now. Many of the things that work now didn’t exist then. Unfortunately, many of the coaches, experts and thought leaders in this profession have never run an office in the 21st Century. We want to bring a new and fresh look at how to market and grow a chiropractic office.

The 21st Century Chiropractor achieves Life’s 4 Freedoms through a modern and ethical marketing approach that transcends the chiropractic industry. These 4 Freedoms, as introduced by Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach are:

• Freedom of Time
• Financial Freedom
• Freedom of Purpose
• Freedom of Relationship

This closed Facebook group is a think tank for Chiropractors looking to take their practice to the next level by implementing ethical and effective marketing strategies.


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