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Modern Marketing Chiropractic Show

Welcome to The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Show!

The Massive Transformative Purpose is to provide the Chiropractor with Modern and Ethical marketing strategies, without the huge price tag of most resources in the industry.

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The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Group is your FREE academy for Marketing and Business Development for the 21st Century Chiropractor.

The Virtual Marketing Summit

Join Dr. Kevin Christie and 12 other experts that have strategically collaborated their knowledge to help you grow your practice ethically and elegantly.

Presentations Include:

  • Effective Online Funnels for Chiropractors
  • How to Build a Following by being a Creator
  • Optimizing Social Media as a Chiropractor to Grow Your Practice
  • How To Get Every New Patient to Start Care and Refer to You
  • Hiring, Training and Managing an External Marketer
  • Developing a Thriving Facebook Group in Your Community
  • MD Marketing to Grow Your Practice
  • Using YouTube to Build a Loyal Following
  • How to Add an Integrated Fitness center to Your Clinic in 6 Months.
  • Facebook Ads and Your Content Marketing Strategy
  • How Prospecting Effectively in Your Community Will Grow Your Practice
  • What to Focus On Once They Get Inside Your Office

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The Modern Chiropractic Marketing Group

Dr. Kevin Christie

Dr. Kevin Chirstie is the developer of Health-Fit Chiropractic and Sports Medicine and Health-Fit Corporate Wellness.

He has developed a top Sports Chiropractic presence in South Florida over the past 11 years working with XPE Sports NFL Training and many high-level athletes.

6 Years ago, he developed The Corporate Chiropractor® program of Health-Fit Corporate Wellness where On-Site Chiropractic and Ergonomics is implemented for corporations.

Visit and for more info on these entities.