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What Is Your One-Liner Tag Line?

Guest post by Dr. Josh Satterlee   At the very core of every marketing piece you do is the inherent question, what do you do? This may get asked at dinner parties. Or possibly at cocktail parties, at the gym, out at 5Ks or marathons, but it’s an inherent part of all the marketing you…

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How To Recharge Your Batteries And Be Productive

How often do you take complete breaks from work? No email, no checking your business bank account, no discussing work with spouse or colleagues? I recently took a 4-day camping trip with my father and grandfather. We don’t know how many more trips like that we will have with our parents and grandparents, so I…

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The 3-Legged Stool of a Thriving Practice

I believe the thriving Chiropractor has to have this 3-legged stool of Clinical Skill, Business Acumen, and Effective Marketing/Sales that sits on a foundation of effective Communication. I believe this wholeheartedly and is why in my 15 years of being in the Chiropractic profession (school and practice) I have strived to optimize these four key…

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