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Practice Growth with Learned Public Speaking by HOF Speaker Joel Weldon

Hall of Fame Speaker Joel Weldon discusses learned speaking skills and how public speaking and enhanced one-on-one communication with your patients can exponentially grow your practice.

Why Public Speaking for Chiropractors as a Marketing Tool

  • Positions you as the expert

  • Cost-Effective

  • Opens so many doors

3 Most Important to know

  • Learned skill, you are not born with this skill

  • Be Yourself, have a conversation

  • It’s all about the audience, it’s not about you. What do you know that can help them. Avoid personal pronouns

4 Steps to Joel’s System

  • Who is my Audience? The more you can know about your audience the better

  • Know what their NFVs are (3 Questions): Needs, Fears, Victories

  • Golden Thread (What is this message about? What’s the focus of your talk/communication)

  • What is your call to action?Start working on your story

The 5 D’s of Story Telling

  • Discontent

  • Defining moment

  • Decision

  • Discovery

  • Dream Fulfilled

Text Joel at 480-526-5888  and Text the word  “Video” to receive the FREE 5 D’s Video

5 D Video will help you create your own personal story that helps you relate to your audienceJoel has been kind enough to offer our audience a “Godfather Offer”. That’s an offer you can’t refuse……..The Ultimate Speaking System Usually is usually $1797, but for our audience, he is offering it for $997. I will be taking him up on that offer!Joel’s One Word For More Powerful Communication


Add even before the word “better” or “more”

  • Even better shape

  • Even more money

  • I can help you feel even better