Too many evidence-informed chiropractors are frustrated with just getting by in their practice.

Unmet goals and under-performing campaigns create stress and anxiety in most DCs.

Without a change, things only get more difficult as competition in your city increases and the challenges of leading a practice get more complex.


Modern Chiropractic Mastery is a personal coaching program led by Kevin Christie that empowers you to run a thriving, self-managing practice.


Imagine How Great It Would Be To Run A Practice And…

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Enjoy The Lifestyle You Deserve

Learn to earn money you need so your bills are covered and you can enjoy the lifestyle you’ve always wanted.

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Have The Time To Do The Things You Want

Optimize, automate and outsource what you need so that you can grow your practice without having to be there all the time.

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Live Out Your True Purpose In Life

Kevin helps you structure your life so that you hit your goals and live out your dreams.

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Go Deeper In All Your Relationships

Be more intentional with investing in family, friends, and coworkers.


Who This Program Is For


Are you running a successful practice but you know that your success is directly tied to you being there?

Do you dream about the days when you have the time and money to pursue other great ideas that you’ve been collecting?

Modern Chiropractic Mastery is for chiropractors who want to go from just getting by to having a practice that can thrive on their own.

For some DCs this is only a dream. For others, they have discovered the path to making it their reality. In fourteen years of running his own practice, Dr. Kevin Christie has learned how to lead a team in multiple locations. He has been freed up to pursue other entrepreneurial interests. Kevin will teach you all he has learned, helping you overcome the obstacles that are hindering your own progress. It’s your turn to create the strategy to lead the kind of practice you’ve always heard about and wanted.


What You Get When You Enroll In Modern Chiropractic Mastery


Individual Coaching With Kevin Christie
We dive into your numbers, headaches, and goals.


Chiropractor Success Academy
Membership gives you access to the best training, tools and a network of other successful DCs like you.


StoryBrand Coaching
Every member will receive a private session with our StoryBrand representative, Jon Morrison. Create clear marketing messages that help you generate more business.


Personalized Plan
Set your goals, plan out the steps, and work towards the life you’ve always wanted.

Kevin will make sure you are keeping up with your goals and commitments so that nothing gets lost.


Exclusive Access To Our Mastermind
We know that at this level, not everyone understands the unique challenges you face. This group does and they will give you the support you need to overcome your present challenges.


Your Investment

$600/month or $500/month for CSA members.

We require a 3 month contract then it is month-to-month.



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I am a strong proponent of marketing an evidence informed practice. Kevin has been very helpful in providing creative ways to do that.  

- Dr. Russell Baron, Sun Chiropractic

Kevin Christie is the real deal. His sole focus is to help chiropractors grow their business.

- Dr. Greg Shure, Madison Wellness

Growing a self-managing practice is a ton of work and it is incredibly stressful at times. I am so thankful for Kevin Christie. Whenever we talk, he always has a ton of great ideas that help right away.

- Dr. Aaron Jorgensen, Northwest Injury Clinics

How Go From A Growing Practice To A Self-Managed, Thriving One

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Submit An Application For The Program

We need some information from you, do an audit of your practice, and discern if the program is a right fit.

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Schedule Weekly Calls With Kevin

We set up our calls and get you connected into the network so that you start to grow right away.

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Become A Modern Chiropractic Master

This is where you get to enjoy the income and impact you’ve always wanted.