Five Hacks To Improve Your Chiropractic YouTube Channel

by Blake E. Kalkstein, DC

It’s no secret video content can be a powerful source of building like, know, and trust. Big brands like Apple’s “Think Different” campaign and the Gary Vaynerchuck’s of the world who built empires on consistent value-driven content are great examples of the power of video.

How can we capture that charisma and put it to work for you, the chiropractor?

I’ve spent the last five years building a brand using YouTube. I’ve seen wild growth and periods of slowness. And I’ve tested many things from flashy thumbnails to keyword targeting.

To be honest, the beginning of 2019 was a slow month for us. We saw our lowest subscribers, viewers, and paid ad revenue sources in the last two years. I think a lot of that has to do with how many chiropractors are in the YT space right now. So we’ve made some significant changes to how we do things, and it’s making a huge difference.

Below are the five latest tested and tuned strategies we’ve used for building an audience on YouTube for chiropractors.

Video Length

After holding a meeting with a leading YouTuber who boasts nearly 500k subscribers, we realized that YouTube is far more inclined to promote and boost longer video uploads. Below are three videos that we posted in May, as of this writing two months ago.

The three videos combined are under 10 minutes long. The views were also quite low, with all three videos unable to eclipse the 2800 mark – and they have been live and active for 6 weeks! All three videos feature great content and treatments, but they are simply not long enough for YouTube to see enough ‘value’ in them to push them into their suggested video engine and video promoting methods.

Let me give my above statement some weight. Below, are two of our more recent uploads. These were posted just a few days ago at the time of this being written.

Both videos have already eclipsed 10k views in just a few short days.

Both videos are far longer than the three above: 28+ minutes and 12+ minutes.

There are also some other changes, including the thumbnail style, which we will get to further down. YouTube makes money from businesses and companies airing their ads. This is, in turn, how Youtubers earn money and revenue. A video that only lasts a few minutes is less valuable to YouTube, and therefore, they will ignore pushing it. The facts are simple and clear to see between these two sets of videos.


This is one that we have really had to work out the hard way and through experience and trial and error more than anything else. We did not have a thumbnail at all for many years until we took on our editor, Luke Strangroom (Chiropractic Solutions Online).

He began by experimenting with many graphics, bold, and colorful efforts. They just seemed a little too tacky and unprofessional. He then went with a half and half thumbnail that consisted of a screengrab from the uploaded video alongside the title of the video.

This then evolved into a stylish, subtle blue strip running along the bottom of the screengrab with brief video description. At some stage, we really were happy with both thumbnails.

However, with some extensive and consistent research, we figured less is more. It is very important to get an attention-grabbing screen grab that can give your video a little more context to go alongside its title.

We always make sure to get the right screen grab and now accompany it with a simple word or two about the video. It is simple yet very effective. Mess around with some of color grading settings on your thumbnail edit and make it look a little sharper and pleasing.

Consistency With Your Channel

I really do believe that a key to our recent ‘bump’ and figures increase is the consistency we have in what we do with our channel. On a good day, we can see up to 30 new comments from our 70k strong subscribers.

We make sure that every person who has taken the time out of their day not only to watch but comment on our content gets a reply. The only exemption to this is if our team deems a comment too abusive/sexual etc. to publish. In the event of this happening, we simply delete the comment.

Replying to comments is just one of the aspects that require consistency. We also schedule our videos to air four times per week and always at the peak time of 10 pm (EST).

This is generally a time where people will either be in or getting ready for their bed. If they have their notification bell turned on, they will be notified about our new upload. Try not to post when people are still at work or when they are sitting down to dinner.

Give your subscribers consistency, and they will respect and come back to the channel for more if they are fully in the know of when the content is being posted.

Give Greater Access To Your Office

For many years we would perform a treatment or exercise video and what you read in the title is what we would get. Of course, there was nothing wrong with that, but we wanted to take things to the next level.

We see a lot of new patients through our doors via social media, mainly YouTube. If we publish a video on arm pain or lower back pain and a YouTube follower in our area searches either of those problems, sure they will see a great treatment video from one of our doctors. But how cool would that be if the potential patient so the amazing video in our office as well?

We have begun to incorporate some extra b-roll footage into our videos. This b- roll can contain anything from our smiling and friendly front desk staff doing their thing, to one of our amazing chiropractic assistants doing some physical therapy work with a patient.

These clips may indeed only cover 20 seconds of the entire video, but the comments and feedback we have received have been extremely positive.

Chiropractic care can be daunting for some people who have never had it. An office full of complete strangers can also be daunting to a shy or reserved person. What can we do to help encourage them to visit our office? Show them what a great environment with amazing staff and people we have here.

A recent comment described watching one of our videos as “feeling like they were right at home,” despite never visiting our office.

Hire An Editor and Videographer

Since 2014, I’ve been shooting video in our office. Often by myself or with the help of a chiropractic assistant. And I can show you the numbers of increased new patients that have happened because we started doing consistent video marketing.

But nothing slows down an office like me calling out to our “cameraman” CA and using them to shoot the video.

On top of all that, I’ve got to edit and upload the videos to YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Extra editing for Instagram because you can only do 60-second clips!

The last and best hack I’ve used was to bring on a part-time videographer and outsource all my editing, posting, and commenting.

The videographer was the easy part. I put an ad on craigslist, and I asked all my patients if they knew of a film student in high school or college that wanted some work filming in our office part-time.

Honestly, the referral came faster than craigslist and I had my video guy in 1 week! With some coaching and guidance, they have become automatic in our office.

The editor is a different story altogether.

After my last Q1 meeting with Strategic Coach (a high-level entrepreneur coaching program), I phoned up my editor and told him:

“I don’t know where I’ll be in 5 years, but I want you by my side.”

And all this started 2 years ago when I asked for a follower to create a compilation video for one of our staff members who was going to chiropractic school.

I had several submissions, but this video really stood out. It captured the emotion we had in the office. I asked him to make a couple more for me, and the relationship blossomed from there.

See, all of the hacks I mentioned above are Luke’s ideas. He’s passionate about seeing us grow. And passionate about the experience we create, not creating some hokey chiropractic show on YouTube tugging on peoples necks.

Outsourcing the editing, uploading, and research to grow our channel has been the biggest game-changers for our growth.

If you’re ready to up your game, get in touch with Luke here.

Backing It Up

(See what I did there) These five changes have been monumental in the growth in our channel figures. We are currently sitting on some really encouraging statistics for the last 28 days. Fully green across the board!

Also, check out how well June did compared to the previous five months of the year:

Earning an extra thousand bucks for just doing our job is pretty neat. But it’s not just that. We are seeing more and more new patients via YouTube and Facebook each week. We saw 35 NP in June from YouTube.

I hope you find these strategies helpful in growing your chiropractic YouTube channel.

About the author: Blake E. Kalkstein, DC is the co-founder of ChiroSpark, and partner at Kalkstein Chiropractic, practicing in Baltimore, MD. A proud member of the CSA and FTCA, Dr. Blake is passionate about helping his fellow chiropractors achieve success; however they define it.