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#096: Unique Ability Advantage with Shannon Waller

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Shannon Waller of Strategic Coach provided our Virtual Summit a great presentation on your Unique Ability. This episode is an audio replay of that presentation.  

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#095: Online Reputation Management and Reviews


Google Reviews, Yelp, and many other aspects of review sites will help with your online reputation and visibility.

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#094: Associate Compensation Structure Part 2


Recently I interviewed a few owners about their compensation structure. I learned a lot from them and some other owners I talked with about this topic. I then sat down and worked out what I think is a good structure for a clinic like mine, and perhaps yours.  

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#093: Associate Compensation Structures That Are Win-Win

A businessman selecting a Compensation Concept button on a clear screen.

Dr. Christie and 5 other chiropractic owners discuss different associate compensation structures that bridge the gap between associate expectations and owner’s affordability. Dr. Joe Denke, Dr. Dave Gendron, Dr. Anthony Houssain, Dr. Curt Kippenberger, and Dr. Noel Lloyd contributed during this compilation episode. 

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#092: Optimize, Automate, Outsource

Close-up Of Person Hand Showing In-house Or Outsource Concept On Blackboard

Each process in your business should be Optimized, Automated, or Outsource to free you up to practice in your unique abilities and to prevent burnout.

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