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#104: Avoiding Burnout and How To Handle It If it Comes


Dr. Andy Cook joins us this week to share his recent experience with business burnout and how he handled it and pivoted. Dr. Cook is now excited for the present and future for his business and personal life. Chiropractic Success Academy¬† Join us for the CSA Retreat!¬† MCM Mastery or contact at…

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#103: The Do’s and Don’ts of The Clinic/Gym Hybrid

Clinic gym

Dr. Josh Satterlee stops by to discuss the things he has experienced and learn from implementing a gym into your clinic and having them feed off each other. Chiropractic Success Academy¬† CSA Retreat – Sign up now! MCM Mastery or contact at  

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#101: Your Internal and External Team Members


This solo episode breaks down how you should start thinking about tasks, projects, campaigns and processes in your business. Developing your internal and external team is the key to exponential growth. Sign Up Here!

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#100: Chiropractic Marketing Positioning In Your Community


Are you positioning yourself correctly in your community and is your messaging congruent with your desired niche?

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#099: Strategic Delegation with Emily Morgan

Emily Headshot (002)

Emily Morgan is the developer of Delegate Solutions which provides high-level virtual assistant services to help leverage your time for more production. I use Delegate Solutions in my business and has been a game changer for us. The Bottleneck Diagnostic

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