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#098: Parker Las Vegas 2019 Recap


Dr. Christie breaks down his experience and his presentation at this year’s Parker Seminar in Las Vegas. Does your modern marketing have the Destination, Vehicle, GPS, and Fuel it needs to get where you want your practice to go?

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#062: Entrepreneur Operating System with Dr. Jay Greenstein

DrJ_060 close up

Dr. Jay Greenstein is a Chiropractor, Entrepreneur and Industry Transformer. In this episode, he discusses the Entrepreneur Operating System, Research, and finding your direction in the Chiropractic profession. Entrepreneurial Operating System Creates infrastructure around your practice Making sure you have a clear vision Getting the right people Leveraging data Process is clear and gets applied…

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#061: Starting Your Own Chiropractic Practice and The Early Stages


Dr. Andy Cook of Twin Cities Movement discusses some of the pitfalls, wins and learning experiences that he has had as a younger Chiropractor. Website recommendation:  

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#053: How To Effectively Shoot Videos for Your Chiropractic Practice

Smiling businesswoman talking on camera, happy entrepreneur vlogger recording business vlog at office desk for videoblog, filming promo ad, making presentation to website, video marketing production

Pablo Blanco breaks down how to shoot quick videos with your smartphone and how and when to utilize professionally done videos for your practice. Book Recommendation Building a Story Brand written by Donald Miller Blog Recommendation Facebook Group Recommendation Modern Chiropractic Marketing Group Marketing Recommendation Modernizing Media Pablo Blanco Email:

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