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#087: Building a Multi-Disciplinary Evidence-Informed Practice with Dr. David Perna

dr-david-perna (002)

Dr. David Perna is a great sports-based practitioner and leader in his growing multi-disciplinary practice in New York City and New Jersey.    

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#086: Chiropractic Growth Strategies with Dr. Blake Kalkstein


What is the R-Factor Question and how can you utilize this to build rapport, expectations, and relationship with your chiropractic patients.

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#085: How To Become A Chiropractic Game Changer

Be the Game Changer sign

Dr. Christie attended a Game Changer event at Strategic Coach where they discussed key collaborations to grow your business. Book Recommendations: Traction and Rocket Fuel written by Gino Whickman  

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#084: Update Show with Dr. Josh Satterlee


Dr. Satterlee and I discuss wide-ranging topics such as operations vs marketing, community outreach, clinic gym hybrid, working with hospitals and much more. Book Recommendation: How Doctors Think written by Jerome Groopman

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#083: How To Develop Your Talk Trigger

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Jay Baer of Convince and Convert has recently written a book about Talk Triggers in your business and I wanted to relate that topic to your practice. Virtual Summit Link

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