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#092: Optimize, Automate, Outsource

Close-up Of Person Hand Showing In-house Or Outsource Concept On Blackboard

Each process in your business should be Optimized, Automated, or Outsource to free you up to practice in your unique abilities and to prevent burnout.

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#086: Chiropractic Growth Strategies with Dr. Blake Kalkstein


What is the R-Factor Question and how can you utilize this to build rapport, expectations, and relationship with your chiropractic patients.

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#083: How To Develop Your Talk Trigger

vector illustration of a listen and speak icon, voice or sound symbol, man head profile and back

Jay Baer of Convince and Convert has recently written a book about Talk Triggers in your business and I wanted to relate that topic to your practice. Virtual Summit Link

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#079: Email Marketing with Tom Tate of AWeber


Tom Tate breaks down the specifics of what a Broadcast Email is and how you can effectively utilize this in your practice for top of mind awareness. He discusses email strategies to optimize the open rates and limit unsubscribes. Contact Tom Tate via twitter at

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