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#054: Is Blogging Useful For Chiropractors?

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Is writing a blog valuable for Chiropractors in today’s noisy news-feeds and google search? Let me discuss my thoughts on this strategy. An Epic Content Marketing Strategy for Chiropractors

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#053: How To Effectively Shoot Videos for Your Chiropractic Practice

Smiling businesswoman talking on camera, happy entrepreneur vlogger recording business vlog at office desk for videoblog, filming promo ad, making presentation to website, video marketing production

Pablo Blanco breaks down how to shoot quick videos with your smartphone and how and when to utilize professionally done videos for your practice. Book Recommendation Building a Story Brand written by Donald Miller Blog Recommendation Facebook Group Recommendation Modern Chiropractic Marketing Group Marketing Recommendation Modernizing Media Pablo Blanco Email:

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#052: Moving Forward as a Profession and Chiropractor


Dr. Bobby Maybee tells the story of two types of Chiropractors and how having a guide in the profession and being a guide to your patients will help you thrive and make transformations. Forward KC Event Dr. Christie Book Recommendations: Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World By Peter…

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#051: Dr. Kevin Christie Interviewed on Chirosocialtech FB Live Show


Dr. Christie was interviewed on Facebook Live by Nicole Cowley of Chirosocialtech and they dive into everything marketing and business development. Podcast recommendation: Building a Story Brand by Donald Miller How The Golf Pro Fixed His Low Back Pain    

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#050: How Chiropractors Can Perform All Fascinating & Motivating Marketing Activities

Photo of various tools and instruments with DELEGATE letters imprinted on a clear wrench surface

Dr. Christie just got back from Strategic Coach where they discussed ridding yourself of all irritating and “ok” activities through proper delegation and leveraging technology. This will free you up to focus on content creation that excites you. Virtual Marketing Summit Link Book Recommendation Technology Recommendations Medicfusion software Genbook Acuity Scheduling Slack Mailchimp…

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