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#063: Your Chiropractic Marketing Department with Dr. Jeff Lewin


Why your clinic should have a marketing department and how you can implement this today in your practice. Dr. Lewin brings vast experience in growing Chiropractic practices.

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#062: Entrepreneur Operating System with Dr. Jay Greenstein

DrJ_060 close up

Dr. Jay Greenstein is a Chiropractor, Entrepreneur and Industry Transformer. In this episode, he discusses the Entrepreneur Operating System, Research, and finding your direction in the Chiropractic profession. Entrepreneurial Operating System Creates infrastructure around your practice Making sure you have a clear vision Getting the right people Leveraging data Process is clear and gets applied…

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#061: Starting Your Own Chiropractic Practice and The Early Stages


Dr. Andy Cook of Twin Cities Movement discusses some of the pitfalls, wins and learning experiences that he has had as a younger Chiropractor. Website recommendation:  

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#060: Breaking Down My Chiropractic Website

Web Design layout sketch drawing Software Media WWW and Graphic Layout Website development project

I have recently made some changes to my website to improve it’s messaging. In this episode, I go over my website and its messaging, SEO, and Content Marketing strategies. Follow along as I describe various parts of my website,

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#059: Getting Clear with Your Chiropractic Message with Jon Morrison


Jon Morrison founded Get Clear Consulting because he is passionate about watching his clients succeed. Jon has been trained as a StoryBrand Guide. Using this marketing framework, a proven strategy which has helped thousands of companies multiply their revenue, he helps companies clarify their message, reach their ideal clients and grow their business.   Learn…

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